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Entrevistem David Gómez, CEO de Gembaa i host al programa Erasmus per a joves emprenedors/es

Preguntem tant al David com a en Yahia la seva experiència durant els 3 mesos en els que l´emprenedor ha estat col.laborant a Geemba.

Please, make a brief introduction about you and your business, and why you decided participate in the Erasmus program

I am David Gómez, co-founder and CEO at Geemba. We are a tech start-up that has been working with fitness and wellness centres for several years. As a result, we have developed an innovative tool to help clubs reducing members’ dropout rate, improving new customers’ acquisition rate and optimizing management costs. In addition, it can be linked with a branded App to make the interaction with customers easier. After many years as an entrepreneur, and especially after my Erasmus, I realized that we live in a global world, which is becoming more and more connected. The experiences I was lucky to live during my stay abroad plus my experiences as an entrepreneur have made me want to work with young entrepreneurs from around Europe to share everything I learned with them and learn new points of view and about new business opportunities in other countries.

Activities undertaken during the stage of the entrepreneur

Definition of marketing and sales plan. Definition of KPI. Creation of sales protocols, product development. Market research. All that using a lean start-up methodology.

Benefits of the exchange

The exchange has brought benefits to both the HE and the NE. The HE had the chance to share some of the workload onto the NE that has improved his skills on key areas for his professional development. The NE in turn has experienced how a technology based start-up is managed and developed following the lean methodology.

Can the NE talk about his/her experience?

It has been a great experience in both the professional and personal areas. Professionally I have learned new technological skills and improved my sales and marketing skills. I have also witnessed the pros and cons of a start-up. Within the personal development I have enjoyed the opportunity of meeting David, Noel and their team who are professionals but also great individuals to work and hang out with. In conclusion, working for such an exciting project with amazing co-workers made it a well-rounded and insightful experience.

Can the HE talk about his/her experience?

When I decided to apply for the E4YE program I never thought it could be such a fulfilling experience. Working with Yahia has surpassed all our expectations. Not only has he proven to be a very skilled professional, but also, he has turned out to be a fantastic person. He has all the qualities to become a brilliant entrepreneur.